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Films In Progress

We always have a few works in progress. Here are a few of the great clients we are making films with right now.

Land Trust of the Upper ArkansasLTUA-logo-51

The conservation of rivers, open lands, farms, ranches and western heritage is near and dear to our hearts. Two of the co-founders of Grit and Thistle Film come from families that homesteaded in Colorado and we now both live in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. It’s a beautiful place, one of those in Colorado under threat of being loved to death. We’re honored to work with the Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas to promote their work and we’re striving to show how every segment of this community benefits from their work.


Veterans ExpeditionsVeterans Expeditions Logo

Veterans Expeditions is run by our friend Nick Watson, veteran and one of the National Geographic Explorers of the Year in 2013. VetEx is unique in that it’s open to American veterans of all eras, it’s run by veterans and primarily funded by veterans. Their goal is to create community among veterans through shared experience on wilderness expeditions.


Tsoknyi Nuns of Nepaltitle

We’re honored to be working with the Tsoknyi Rinpoche and the International Friends of the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns in Kathmandu and Lower Mustang to create a marketing/promotional film to support the last stages of their capital campaign. They are creating a Buddhist educational program for women and girls that will allow them to gain an education on par with their male counterparts. These women will become some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished Buddhist teachers in the world.


 NWard_VetEx_BC_Udall 2

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