Film Production

Film Production

Grit and Thistle Film offers film production services for all levels and types of projects. We can lead your project from concept to completion – from short form fundraising films, to commercial television spots, to 4K feature documentaries, to marketing films for social, environmental and humanitarian causes.  Our film production services include: cinematography (DP, 2nd camera, AC), 4K native and HD post production editing, professional and creative writing, location scouting, field producing, line producing, basic drone shots and more. We also hire crew out if you need to build out your own crew for a shoot.

We work with a variety of camera systems – Sony, Canon, Red, Panasonic, GoPro, DJI

We’ve worked on media projects in many different parts of the world, from the megacities of Asia to remote villages in South America – nearly 40 countries on six continents. We specialize in mountain areas, mountain cultures and short for social films, environmental films and humanitarian films. We also bring strong backgrounds in international sustainable development and adventure tourism to our projects. We can work as a one man or woman show or as a full crew of 50+ people.

Our film production team is led by the creative talent and DP Nathan Ward. Nathan has worked as a professional writer, photographer and filmmaker for 20 years.  He has been inducted into the Explorers Club in New York City and was once named “One of the Top Ten Adventurers in Asia.”

Places Grit and Thistle Film crew has worked:

North America – United States, Canada, Mexico

South America – Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Cordillera Darwin, Andes Mountains, Tierra del Fuego

Asia – Australia, Australian Outback, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Kingdom of Bhutan, Tibet, Ladakh, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Himalaya Mountains, Sayan Mountains, Saridag Mountains

Africa – Tanzania, Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya

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