Post Production

Post Production – Film Editing Services

In addition to finishing all of our own projects in-house, we also offer full post-production services to other filmmakers and businesses. We enjoy collaborating on projects and helping make your film a success. Whether you need complete editing services or simply a new set of eyes on a project you are working on, please Contact Us to discuss our post production editing services.

Our services include:

  • Professional Creative Writing – scripts, narration, shows
  • Editorial Direction
  • Input (Transport Raw or Transcode other formats)
  • Log Footage (DIT/ media management/ metadata)
  • Output (Deliverables)
  • Offline and Online Native 4k and HD film and video Editing
  • Color Space & file conversions
  • Data archive and back-up

We shot this promotional piece for the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media. Edit, Color and Sound all done in-house – Grit and Thistle Film Post Production Services in Colorado.

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